Sue Austin

Multimedia, performance & installation artist

disability arts online

Doughnut or ring shaped image with black circle at the centre. Filmstill from panoramic underwater video in tropical sea with soft coral and shoals of different types of small fish. The aesthetic uses dynamic and high contrast colours and the sea is a dee

Doughnut image from GP360 camera. Filmstill & original video by Trish Wheatley.

disability arts online


Image shows GoPro camera in underwater housing with large conical attachment on the front of the lens, inside which a conical mirror is visible.

Image: Dan Burton

disability arts online

Multicamera GoPro rig (Plymouth University prototype)

Underwater photograph showing multi-camera GoPro rig suspended from pole.

Image: Rob Hughes

disability arts online

Projected Installation (Freewheeling prototype)

Underwater scene projected onto strips of paper suspended from the ceiling.

Sue Austin's MA Degree show at Plymouth University Image: Trish Wheatley

disability arts online

Head Mounted Display (HMD)

Studio shot of the Oculus rift, a black plastic box that fits over a persons eyes, secured with think black elastic straps



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