Sue Austin

Multimedia, performance & installation artist

Arts Partner and Commissioned Artists

Lead: Freewheeling

Freewheeling is a not-for-profit disability led initiative focused on providing a ‘hub’ around which to foster integrated arts projects. We aim to allow ideas and artistic concepts to develop while maintaining an emphasis on promoting academic research that acts to reposition Disability Arts and the status of disabled artists within the arts and cultural sector.
Freewheeling was founded in 2011 by Sue Austin and Co-Producer Trish Wheatley and since then has established a small dedicated team which delivers high quality artwork and research. Commissioned by Unlimited in 2012 as part of the Cultural Olympiad to produce a series of live and web based events called 'Creating the Spectacle', Freewheeling continues to push the boundaries of technology in order to create positive narratives and change preconceptions on an International scale. The Digital R & D Fund has been awarded to Freewheeling in order to harness the latest immersive 360° technology to create powerful,innovative digital artworks that generate useful knowledge to disseminate to a diverse range of creative industries. It will focus on enhancing audience reach by broadening, deepening and diversifying audiences through 360° experiences of the highest quality.

Sue Austin

Sue Austin is an internationally acclaimed multimedia, performance and installation artist.  In repurposing her wheelchair to create fantastical art, Sue reshapes how we think about disability. Sue Austin keeps a fascinating mission at the centre of her work: to challenge the idea of disabled as “other” and represent her experience as a wheelchair user in a brighter light. She does this by creating quirky, unexpected juxtapositions-bringing a sense of  empowerment to the discussion of disability & difference. Sue is the Project Director and will also be delivering one of the two artworks which is to be used for the research.

Kevin Clifford

Kevin started his own photographic business in March 2005 specialising in Arts photography, especially dance, after working as a Picture Editor at Apex, one of the countries leading news agencies. His business has now evolved into the video field, and has already seen commissions from Arts Council, Big Lottery fund, Pavilion Dance South West and Bart’s Spices. He has had several films shown on the BBC’s Big Screen in Plymouth and two shown nationally.
Kevin has worked for the Arts Council press office in the South West and London on several assignments, with pictures published in all of their publications.Kevin acheived major success with 'Beyond the Surface', an underwater dance film for Gloucester Dance which has been seen in several countries. He also had five of his films screened at Plymouth University’s ICCI 360 festival.

Technology Partners

Lead: Dan Burton

Dan Burton is a highly acclaimed underwater videographer. With over 23 years as a professional photographer, Dan's career spans a variety of genres and specialities. His professional photographic qualifications and on-going experimental photography work are complemented by his additional skills as a highly proficient and experienced deep-sea technical diver, freediver and Paramotor pilot.  Dan has worked in collaboration with Freewheeling on'Creating the Spectacle!' for several years. He is a specialist in designing,constructing and experimenting with new camera technology for above and below water and has a personal passion for 360° technology.

AFFINITY, Plymouth University

AFFINITY (Formerly ICCI) has successfully undertaken extensive, ground breaking research in the 360° and panoramic fields. Already being experts in this area means that AFFINITY have identified the need for affordable 360° technologies and support the development of this new technology for use by creative practitioners and applications within education. Freewheeling already has a proven track record of collaborative work with AFFINITY/ ICCI since the comissioning of 360° films for 'Creating the Spectacle' as part of the Cultural Olympiad in 2012.

Research partners

Lead: Martin Woolner with SERIO

Martin Woolner, who is leading the research for SERIO, has papers published in this field including ‘Being where in the  Dome: Review of 360 Festival Production and Exhibition’, and has an excellent network of contacts that includes a range of technology providers, artists and arts organisations with an interest in this area of work.

SERIO provides specialist social, economic and market research across the South West and beyond. They provide analysis and intelligence to public, private and third sector organisations. Their research helps clients make informed decisions and develop effective policy and strategy.SERIO is unique in its ability to draw on specific expert knowledge for each and every project. Based at Plymouth University, their team collaborates with academics from across the institution, as well as other external specialists, in order to provide clients with the best possible expertise and insight.


Living Options Devon

Living Options Devon is a well respected user-led organisation which works to ensure that people with disabilities and Deaf people can live the life they choose.

Set up in 1990 LOD is a registered charity based in Exeter and Barnstaple. Their charitable aims mean they can offer services across the South West and share good practice throughout the UK. Living Options will assist in the delivery
of the research project by training their research assistant to conduct fieldwork with people who will be trialing the new systems.

Being led and run by people with disabilities and Deaf people ensures LOD has first hand knowledge and understanding of the issues facing service users and so is very well placed to increase the influence and voice of Deaf and disabled people. They do this by providing education, training and services which enable people to live the lives they choose.