Sue Austin

Multimedia, performance & installation artist

Freewheeling Team Members

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Since its inception Freewheeling has built a team of highly commited individuals who each bring their own unique skills and personalities to the projects.

Sue Austin

Freewheeling is led by its artistic director, Sue Austin. She has continued to receive critical aclaim and widespread popularity for her work within the Disability-Arts movement.

Sue leads this team with the artistic vision of opening up a thinking space to consider one's own preconceptions about disability and the experience of life from different perspectives.

Trish Wheatley

Trish Wheatley, Co-producer, has worked with Sue since 2009. Together they've set up Freewheeling and spent hours on fundraising and development. Trish is also the 360 degree videographer - she knows her way around a GoPro or eight!

Trish is also the director of Disability Arts Online, a journal for discussion about arts and culture from the unique perspective of disabled people.

Andrea Frankham-Hughes

Andrea Frankham-Hughes is the Project Manager, PR, Media & tour management person. She joined Freewheeling initially as a volunteer in 2012 having been introduced to the project by her husband Rob Hughes.

Having run her own creative businesses in the past, she's got all the knowledge to get the logistical aspects of the project in shape and makes sure everything and everyone is in the right place and right country at the right time!

Rob Hughes

Rob Hughes is our team dive leader, instructor and creative fabricator.  Sue first brought her designs and inspiration for the underwater wheelchair to him in 2011. He worked with Sue and Trish to help create and develop the prototypes which lead to the final chair.

He combines his unique creative & visual background with his dive knowledge and skills to make sure everything under the water is safe and looking fabulous. He keeps us on time and is a really valuable and charismatic advocate for the project.

Mac Dowse

Mac Dowse is a Dorset Divemaster who volunteered with us to make 'Creating the Spectacle!' a true spectacle. As a disabled person he's also got extensive experience assisting with disability dive organisations in the UK and abroad and a wicked sense of humour to keep us all on our toes!

He is a masterful mechanic and looks after the underwater wheelchair in the water and on dry land, ensuring that it is ready to go in an instant.

Dan Burton

Dan Burton is our esteemed underwater videographer & photographer. With over 23 years experience as a professional photographer, Dan's career spans a variety of genres and specialties. His professional photographic qualifications and on-going experimental photography work is complemented by his additional skills as a highly proficient and experienced deep-sea technical diver, freediver and Paramotor pilot. This combination of skills has given Dan access to some of the most exciting and unusual photographic shoots ever seen.