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22 February 2012

C-Waves Diving - Breaking the Surface

People looking at exhibition boards showing underwater photography

Image: Rob Hughes

C-Waves Diving, who have been closely involved in the development of 'Creating the Spectacle!', present an exhibition of photographs taken above and below the waterline during snorkelling sessions funded by the National Lottery Awards For All.

The free exhibition of pictures taken during the summer of 2011 runs from 22nd of February to March 20th 2012 at Osprey Leisure Centre, Castle Town, Portland.

The photographs where taken by local divers and snorkelers on Chesil Beach and in Portland Harbour. Funding provided free snorkelling lessons run by C-Waves Diving, which is a not-for-profit diving school.

Rob Hughes, founder of C-Waves, says: “I was overwhelmed by the number of local people of all ages who wanted to try snorkelling. The age range of those taking part went from 7 to 67. Kids snorkelled with their dads, mums, or just with their friends and others in the group. Most had never had the opportunity to see our beautiful local undersea world and were really enthralled with their experience. We are all very grateful to Awards For All for enabling this project to happen.

“This exhibition hopes to give both the local people and wider community the chance to see some of the fun and enjoyment that was had by everyone taking part. We hope to open your eyes to the amazing marine life that can be found in the sea surrounding Portland throughout the year. The sustainability of our marine life is most important, globally, as well as to the local area, for all our futures.”

Volunteer scuba divers taught those taking part how to snorkel and dive under the surface using the new wetsuits and snorkelling equipment that hat been bought from local companies with the Lottery funding. A number of enthusiastic snorkelers returned each week throughout the Summer and well into the Autumn.

The photographic exhibition of their experiences is free and open to all during normal opening hours at Osprey Leisure Centre, Castle Town, Portland.

For 2012, C-Waves has started a snorkelling club which meets on a Tuesday evening at Osprey Pool and its members aim to be back on the beach later this year.