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19 March 2012

Artist and wordsmith Gini is caused to Re-imagine wheelchairs folllowing an experience at Osprey Leisure Centre

pencil sketch of bird with head up seeming to be calling out
Gini and Sue have known each other since Testing the Edges, a project exploring disability, identity and artistic group dynamics at Salisbury Arts Centre in 2009. More recently Gini has been...

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5 March 2012

Documenting the Process: BBC Inside Out at 7.30 pm on Monday 5th March

As an Unlimited commission, 'Creating the Spectacle!' is a project which presents an ambitious and unprecedented series of live performances of a self-propelled underwater wheelchair that...

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5 March 2012

Norman Lomax, Director of Photography for 'Creating the Spectacle!' shares his experiences of the project so far

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I have always had a passion for telling visual stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and so was intrigued when I was introduced to the 'Creating the Spectacle!' project by...

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