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8 September 2012

'Creating the Spectacle!' Online - Part 2 - Finding the Flame

Woman in wheelchair underwater carrying Paralympic torch
Our second video has just been released for the online series of films as part of 'Creating the Spectacle!' and is not available on any video sharing sites. Watch it here...

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6 September 2012

Deutsche Welle German TV cover the Osprey Pool performances

Sue is on the surface of the pool creating a graceful balletic style of movement. Her hair is flowing and behind her there is a little girl wearing swimming goggles, who participated with Sue in the performance
  Deutsche Welle TV also created a short documentary piece as part of their Olympic coverage. Great underwater footage & interviews with the audience including those who participated as the...

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2 September 2012

Keeping the show on the road

Phil Stewart of Hands On Clinic in Braunton, Devon provides an insight into the essential treatments that enable Freewheeling's Artistic Director Sue Austin to deal with the physical demands of...

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