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31 May 2013

'Creating the Spectacle!' Video 'Finding Freedom' screened in Canada

A amn in a blue shirt is dancing in front of 3 silver bowls filled with water. As he dances he throws handfulls of water into the air which look like a small waves and bubbles.bubbles
Sue's video has been screened in Ottowa, Canada in conjunction with Propeller Dance at the Centrepoint Studio Theatre as part of their 'Aqueous' production from 31st May to 1st June 2013....

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4 May 2013

'People Like You' exhibition moves to Poole Lighthouse

Two Soft white sculptures of tentacled beings by Gini sit each side of the 'People Like You' sign created for the exhibition. Two of Gini's artworks are displayed to the right of the sign
Sue's 360 degree installation and her 'Finding Freedom' & 'Finding the Flame' videos are featured alongside the work of Liz Crowe & Gini as the 'People Like You'...

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