Sue Austin

Multimedia, performance & installation artist

In At The Deep End (2013)

About the project

In At The Deep End was a practice based research and development project that created new ways for the public to experience the underwater wheelchair whilst implementing systems that would make Freewheeling more efficient and sustainable, as well as developing a long-term vision and structure for the organisation. Initially this included plans for a national/international tour of live-art events in large tank aquaria and swimming pools (with part of the audience underwater), presentation of work for planetariums, a touring exhibition of immersive installation/documentation, a commercially available model of the underwater wheelchair, an increased web presence and development of diverse income streams.

The Arts Council Grants for the Arts funded project enabled us to seek further funding for 360º technology, and capitalise on the opportunities arising from the Unlimited 2012 commission for ‘Creating the Spectacle!’. Throughout the project the Freewheeling team were able to push the work out across a number of platforms, exhibiting the digital artwork, expanding the team and making plans for the future. It also led to In At The Deep End USA, a project funded by the Artists International Development Fund.

During 2012 we were literally thrown ’in at the deep end’, the idea behind this project was to take stock, develop its core organisational structures, publish documentation from CTS! and plan for a successful, sustainable future. Through this we have, spread the artwork further nationally and internationally, developed systems that help to distribute the artwork, developed a 360º project, and secured a commission from The Space [] to take the work to new dimensions with ‘Creating the Spectacle!’ Flying Free [project page hyperlink].