Sue Austin

Multimedia, performance & installation artist

CTS! 360º

'Creating the Spectacle!': 360 Degrees at the ICCI 360 Arena

Sue sits in the ICCI 360 dome looking up at the projection of her 360 degree film

Photo: Trish Wheatley ©

Part of the Unlimited project included a 360º presentation of the underwater wheelchair for the ICCI 360 Arena in Weymouth. The concept was that, following the performance underwater in the swimming pool, the audience would have an immersive experience whilst seeing the underwater wheelchair flying free above their heads exploring an exotic, tropical location. The best way to create that experience was through the use of a 360º filmic digital media format. The intention was to facilitate a narrative where the underwater wheelchair and its occupant had transcended into another dimension while retaining something of the visceral immersive quality of a live art event.

Back view of Sue in the underwater wheelchair, shown in 360 degrees at the ICCI dome

Photo: Trish Wheatley ©

This event happened on 29th August 2012 and was attended by the audience who had travelled over from the pool performance plus additional spectators who had come to specifically see the film presentation. It was the catalyst for further development in the 360º format that was used for People Like You, the MA Show in 2013  and 360 Degrees a New Angle on Access It also provided footage for the panoramic strip displayed in the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall for the Unlimited Festival.